5 stars are not enough, Simone won the FIRST TRIAL of click fraud and saved my life

Posted by fabio gasperini
September 12, 2017

My case was a bit special, Computer hacking, so it was a very difficult case for any lawyer because it required advanced computer skills. I had contacted many lawyers, Americans, Italians, and everyone had confused ideas. After I contacted Simone, I had good feeling, I found him very prepared and reassuring and his fee was reasonable.

I risked up to 70 years in prison. Simone saved my life by winning the FIRST CLICK FRAUD TRIAL in the United States.

Before trial he was always present by email to discuss the case, he came to visit me in jail on WEEKENDS, which other lawyers do not do.

It was available 24/7 for me.

He managed to convince the judge to give me access to the discovery with a private computer in a private room inside the detention center; no one has this chance.

During the 2-week trial, he was able to destroy the testimony of more than 10 experts from the US government, Italian authorities, and others. (Beating the government is virtually impossible given the resources they have).

The government had infinite resources and were in 2 prosecutors ,1 FBI SPECIAL agent, another lawyer, and a host of young lawyers .
The judge was in favor of the government, and did not let SIMONE the counter-test of the government testify,
With all these injustices he managed to win the TRIAL!

After the closing argument of the prosecutor, I really thought I was going to be found guilty, but after SIMONE delivered his closing, everything changed, the jury seemed to be convinced and nodded with a powerful. His powerful and loud speech lasted almost 2 hours; it was professional, truthful and very confident.

At the end of the trial the outcome was >>>>> NOT GUILTY of the 5 felony charges.

Now I am writing from my home in Italy, I’m freedom ?

If you have to entrust your life to someone, call SIMONE BERTOLLINI


Super Lawyer

Posted by Peter
January 6, 2017

Simone Bertollini has earned and in my opinion truly deserves the title of Super Lawyer. Having dealt with many attorneys throughout my professional career it is a pleasure for me to be able to write this review for a gentleman who is extremely professional, passionate about his work and relentless in the pursuit for his client’s success. Highly recommended!


Best Immigration Lawyer

Posted by George
November 2, 2016

Mr. Bertollini is the best lawyer we ever had to deal with. He is very professional, polite, friendly and knows exactly what he is dealing with. He is not only familiar with general info, but updates his knowledge on every day basis. Our family is thankful for life, he is a lifechanger. Mr. Bertollini will guide you through immigration processes, with highest chance of positive outcome. If you found him, no need to look anywhere else. 5 star rating from us!


An Exceptional Lawyer!

Posted by Julian
June 27, 2016

Mr. Bertollini represented one of my close family members in a complex and intricate immigration case. With his expertise and experience, not only was able to get my family member released from ICE custody in a very short period of time, he ultimately was able to get the case dismissed after the first hearing, and now they’re on their way to citizenship. He is reasonable, diligent, proactive and above all, extremely knowledgeable; he showed a level care and effort I have not experienced in dealing with other lawyers.

The timely updates on the case alone gave us a great deal of confidence, and afforded us peace of mind at a time where my family and friends needed it the most.

I can’t say enough good things about my experience with him; his unrelenting approach and passion are only surpassed by his results!

We are exceedingly appreciative of Mr. Bertollini


Wow! What a top notched attorney

Posted by Denise
November 30, 2015

Simone helped me get an excellent outcome, under what I would call difficult circumstances. Simone, is no push over. When there was a issue, he pushed back. He is just Outstanding. If you are looking for a knowledgeable Attorney Simone is the guy.


A blessing in New Jersey

Posted by Jackie
August 17, 2015

My case was very complicated to any lawyer. Most of them told me “I am sorry but there is no way to solve it unless we apply for Cancellation of Removal. And it will take between 5 to 7 years”. Until a good friend recommended me Mr. BERTOLLINI. This extraordinary lawyer was able to study my case in a couple days. His honesty and reliability convince me to hiring him. How I will forget, a day before my birthday my permanent green card was granted. Everything got settled in less than 2 months. My prayers to our Creator and Mr. Bertollini arguments made possible one of my dreams. I highly recommend him as a 5 star attorney!


On the way to a Green Card

Posted by Doug
April 8, 2015

I am working with Simone on a green card. I talked with three attorneys and he was the only one who could see a way through (my H1 eligibility would finish before a green card was possible). The answer was an O1 visa which is covering the gap. The application for this is not trivial and Simone’s knowledge of the criteria and how they applied to my skills and experience was absolutely key to the successful outcome (application approved in 2 weeks). Recommended.


The best Immigration Attorney of Manhattan

Posted by lisa
November 10, 2014

I was looking for a one-step chance to resolve this petition. I requested knowledge in a given field of a given jurisdiction. One awesome person in whom, I definitely trust. The Attorney Simone Bertollini has exceptional competence and extraordinary abilities in writing compelling legal arguments in Federal Court.
He successfully filed my WOM petition and settled the case with such ability that only a brilliant attorney could easily perform. Excellent qualities distinguish his personality he is trustworthy and outstanding. I never doubted reaching my goal with him.
I strongly recommend Simone Bertollini for his high degree of duty, moral integrity and efficient performance. You will be extremely pleased to have retained the legal services of the best immigration Attorney of Manhattan. Thank you Simone.


Very knowledgeable, responsive and straightforward immigration law attorney

Posted by Immanuel
July 2, 2014

Simone is the best lawyer I have ever worked with. Extremely responsive, very straightforward and practical-minded, which are three essential characteristics in hiring any legal help. I hired him to help with a relatively complex employment-based immigration case (three immigration lawyers before him simply didn’t think they could help) and he even delivered more than I had asked for (i.e. I ended up with a better visa than I was considering because of Simone’s insights and interpretation).


Saved my skin

Posted by Srdjan
June 16, 2014

Mr. Bertollini saved my life. Knowing him for only short 5 months, I have not only gained an attorney, but he gained a life long friend in me. I got arrested by FBI, ICE, and Homeland security, and nobody wanted to represent me because of the complexity of my case. Mr. Bertollini not only agreed to provide me legal counsel at the reasonable price, but he managed to get my case dismissed without any repercussions. As I already mentioned, his rate was fair, he was available to me 24/7, and anyone in need of an excellent immigration and criminal lawyer should definitely give Mr. Bertollini a call.


One Of The Best Laywer In NJ

Posted by Kareem Grady
October 26, 2012

Simone Bertollini represented me in a criminal matter. He was very knowledgeable of the law, very respectful, hard worker, and responsible. I don’t think there are many lawyers like Simone. He knows what he is doing, and he made me win my case He Will Go The Extra Mile. I would recommend Simone to anyone because I am confident he will have the job 100% done. Thanks again Simone Bertollini