Immigration Law 

Whether you are an entrepreneur, a skilled worker, or a foreign citizen with extraordinary abilities, you may qualify for a visa to work in the United States. As a potential foreign investor, you may need a personalized and complete solution to this endeavor, involving comprehensive advice, business plan review, visa approval, and everything required in between. If you are an American citizen, you have the right to bring your fiancée, child, or parents who are living abroad to this country. Immigrants facing deportation proceedings need an experienced immigration attorney to prepare a strong legal defense to be allowed to remain in the United States.

All of these immigration law matters can be extremely technical and complicated, which is why you will need professional legal advice and assistance. At my firm, I can provide the diligent and efficient legal help needed to help you obtain the best results as smoothly as possible. As a New York Immigration Lawyer, I have assisted countless New York and New Jersey clients in Visas, Green Card, Deportation defense case as well as Appeals and applications for U.S. Citizenship.

To find out more about the different areas of immigration and how my firm can be of assistance, please click on the highlighted areas below.

Business Immigration
The business immigration practice area includes legal assistance with business plan review, business formation, employment contracts, commercial real estate contract, and visas petitions for investors, entrepreneurs, specialty occupation workers, intracompany transfers, and more.

Deportation Defense
Facing deportation proceedings is a stressful and frightening experience. Because this often involves complex matters, you will need a competent immigration litigation lawyer to help defend your rights. My firm provides representation in criminal immigration cases, such as illegal reentry after deportation, immigration consequences of criminal convictions, visa fraud and misrepresentation, immigration violations, and more.

Employment-Based Immigration
Numerous categories of non-immigrant employment-based visas are available, based on the abilities, education, and skills of the worker involved. My firm can help you obtain the specific kind of visa needed in all employment categories.

Family-Based Immigration
Family-based immigration laws allow temporary entry or permanent resident status for a family member of a U.S. citizen or Green Card holder, such as spouse, parent, fiancée, child, or sibling. My firm provides competent legal assistance with helping you obtain family-based immigration benefits. I can advise you on the process, what needs to be done, and help you move forward with your petition and to get the best results as smoothly as possible.

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If you have an immigration law issue, I recommend that you contact my New York firm to arrange for a consultation so that we can begin handling your case as soon as possible.

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