One and the same person Court Order

Dual Italian Citizenship Lawyer

Applicants for Italian Dual Citizenship by ancestry are required to produce many documents, such as birth certificates, marriage certificates, death certificates, and such.

Often (and especially in great-grandfather cases), these vital records present names or dates discrepancies. Part of the reason is that, in the early 1900’s, immigrants used to change the spelling of their names once arriving at Ellis Island, in an attempt to quickly integrate in their new country.

Such discrepancies should be corrected before the appointment at the Italian Consulate. In presence of significant discrepancies, the citizenship application is generally rejected. In such cases, the Italian Consulate generally requires either that the documents be amended, or that a “One and the Same person” Court order is produced by the citizenship applicant to resolve the discrepancies.

I am an attorney licensed in New York and in New Jersey. I have helped numerous clients amend their ancestors’ vital records, such as marriage and death certificates, by filing a petition for amendment or for a One and the same Court order. I was able to successfully resolve cases involving multiple discrepancies and major name changes.

Corrections or Amendments of Vital records

Corrections or Amendments of birth certificates in New York require a Court order. A correction that is often required for Italian Citizenship purposes is the parents’ names, if they do not match their respective birth certificates.

Often, the first name and date of birth of an Italian ancestor’s death certificate do not match his Italian birth certificate. In New York, amendment of death certificates can be pursued administratively with the Department of Health. If the request if denied, the amendment can be sought by Court order.

The records’ amendment process by Court order is essentially a lawsuit and, as such, it can be lengthy, complex, and become quite expensive. But it is important to consider that Dual Italian Citizenship is a long-term investment. It can be passed to children and grandchildren, opening up many business and employment opportunities abroad.

There are many people or companies that offer document procurement services for Italian citizenship. While their legitimacy is very questionable, as it might constitute unauthorized practice of law, nobody except a licensed attorney can petition a Court for amending vital statistic documents.

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